Archetypo Villa Naxos Memorable Summer Experience

Archetypo is a luxury villa located in a serene area close to Chora (the city center) on the island of Naxos, harmonically combining the traditional Cycladic architecture with the rich Naxian heritage.

Archetypo villa shares a great history, which dates back to 1855.Once a castle, which served as the summer residence of Seignior Konstantinos Palaiologos, member of the aristocratic Venetian family of Barozzi, Archetypo has been a famous example of local architecture, established during the centuries of the Venetia rule (13th-16th century).

Archetypo consists of a main villa and an additional luxury double room (each with a separate entrance and outdoor facilities),also offering also the option to be gloriously combined into one joined venue, hosting up to 7 persons.