Archetypo Naxos

About Naxos

Naxos. Cultural heritage that dates back to ancient times, awesome beaches, picturesque mountainous villages and a Castle emitting pride taking us to past eras while walking up and down its cobbled alleys filled with covered walkways. This is Naxos indeed!!!! A blessed island inviting us to experience unforgettable holidays.

Situated in the Aegean Sea, somewhere between the islands of Paros and Mykonos, it fascinates the traveler with its majestic changes of scenery. From the vast sandy beaches with their crystal clear emerald waters to its picturesque mountainous villages preserving the customs and traditions of the island throughout the centuries, Naxos enchants you every moment in a different way. It is the biggest and most fertile Cycladic island with a glorious ancient past.


The ancient monuments on the island, such as the ones of the ancient temples of goddess Dimitra and god Dionysus and the ruins of the temple of god Apollo in Portara, the ancient statues around the island , the Venetian towers found around Naxos and the numerous Byzantine churches are irrefutable witnesses of the island’s glorious past.

Our first touch with the beauties of the island takes place along the picturesque alleys of Chora and its atmospheric castle. There, time seems to stop running. In the late afternoon one would walk around the tiny island “Palatia” to admire the renowned “Portara”, the entrance of the temple of god Apollo. There one may enjoy a majestic sunset.


The history of Naxos dates back to 4.000 BC, something proved by the ancient monuments and the archaeological sites around the island. There are several Byzantine churches worth visiting and one should not miss the picturesque villages spread around the island.


Worth visiting

–    The Castle in Chora
–    The ancient temple of goddess Dimitra in Sangri.
–    The temple of Dionysus  in Yria
–    The two archaic statues (Kouros)in Flerio.
–    The third semi-completed Kouros at the temple of god Apollo.
–    “Portara”, the gate at the temple of god Apollo on the tiny island of Palatia in the port area.

–           The mountainous villages Apeiranthos, Filoti, Chalki,Koronida and Damala.
–           The 17th century monastery called “Moni Faneromenis”
–           The monastery dedicated to Jesus Christ.


While on the island do relax and enjoy the sun on the sandy beaches and the crystal clear waters of Naxos. The vast majority, are accessible by vehicles and are perfectly organized.

The best beaches
Agios Prokopios
Agia Anna
Agios  Georgios
Mikri Vigla
Alyko (Cedar Forest)
Panormos and Moutsouna

With such a diverse landscape, Naxos offers much longer adventures than any other island. All activities are organized.


–           Horse riding
–           Water sports
–           Hiking ( 11 different routes around the island)
–           Tennis
–           Bowling
–           Go kart
–           Mini football (5 x 5)
–           Diving

“Η ιστορία της Νάξου χρονολογείται από 4.000 π.Χ., κάτι που αποδεικνύεται από τα αρχαία μνημεία και τους αρχαιολογικούς χώρους γύρω από το νησί.”


“n amazing place!!!!! The villa is awesome indeed!!!! The staff is extremely helpful and you do feel like a VIP the way they treat you. The money I paid is really worth it. We do look forward to coming back next year!!!! Thank you all for the wonderful time we spent there!!!!”

Teacher, What an amazing holiday!!!!!!

“Warm hospitality! Great traditional Greek treets, welcome, polite and friendly staff!
Fabulus “secret” garden with the cutest swimming pool! Great Cycladic decoration all over the place with very nice details and quite spacious rooms. “

Anonymous, Great hospitality, lovely place to relax!