Archetypo-Villa-NaxosArchetypo is a luxurious complex in a serene area close to Chora (the city center) on the island of Naxos, harmonically combining the traditional Cycladic architecture with the rich Naxian heritage.
Archetypo villa shares a great history, which dates back to 1855.Once a castle, which served as the summer residence of Seignior Konstantinos Palaiologos, member of the aristocratic Venetian family of Barozzi, Archetypo has been a famous example of local architecture, established during the centuries of the Venetia rule (13th-16th century). Over the years, Archetypo changed hands between liege lords and just before the first World War, ownership passed to Kastellanos family, who run this family owned villa today.
In 2018 Archetypo was entirely renovated, with respect to historic features, into an ideal place for the  discerning traveler, who seeks a memorable summer experience on this marvelous island. Archetypo consists of a main villa 90m² with private pool,on the first floor a 42m² suite, additional standard double room 22m² (each with a separate entrance and outdoor facilities),also  offering also the option to be gloriously combined into one joined venue, hosting up to 16 persons. A home of high design and sophisticated style of light-filled spaces with luxurious indoor & outdoor facilities and premium services to make you feel like home. Or even better, like your dream home, where you can worry less and relax more at the villa’s private pool and lie under the sun ,moments of unique relaxation in the yards of the apartments.

archetypo-villa-naxos-bookingLive what life is worth living for!
Relax and enjoy your stay at the superb Archetypo villa. Discreet traditional touches, elegant lighting, stone walls, wooden shutters and knitted curtains perfectly matching the state-of –the-art amenities. You will be surprised to find out that some 160 years ago the dwellers of the estate belonged to the aristocracy of the island. Enjoy the 70 square meters terrace and the 250 square meters courtyard where the pool is for use only for the main villa.

If your heart cries out for unforgettable summer vacations, majestic sceneries, crystal clear waters, sunny days and ultimate relaxation, then Archetypo responds with a heartfelt “Kalos irthate” [welcome].


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